New Media Portal

New Media Portal


Why these media?

There is no such thing as the only truth. There are many different perspectives on reality. Our concern is to offer the widest possible range of perspectives on the common narratives of the mainstream media.

The perspective makes the difference!

Channels have been selected,


that have dealt thematically with all opinions, including conflicting ones, during the Corona crisis
that did not uncritically represent only the opinion of the government and government-compliant experts, but also allowed other experts to have their say.
who have been cross-party and religiously neutral.
who have journalistically accompanied and reappraised the Corona resistance.
who have shed light on the political background of the Corona crisis.
who have taken a global view of the crisis.
who offer specialized information - medical or legal - on the subject.
that clearly position themselves against racism and extremism of any kind.

If one of the media linked here does not (or no longer) meet these criteria, we ask our users to send us a specific note by e-mail. A link to the content to which this applies makes clarification easier. The blanket statement that "this page is extremist" is not considered sufficient.

The spectrum of opinion of the linked channels is diverse and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial staff or the MWGFD e.V.. Freedom of opinion and diversity of opinion are mutually dependent. They are, together with tolerance, also towards the other opinion, characteristics of real democracy.

How did we set up the site?

Initially, around 70 of the best-known media were added to the New Media Portal. Others will follow gradually. Wherever possible, we have copied the self-descriptions of these media and - where necessary - supplemented them with information available online or commented on them. If one of the presented media has change requests - feel free to send them to us! However, the text length should not exceed 1500 characters. We will also be happy to add further individual quotes with contact person and photo.

In order to facilitate orientation for our visitors, we have made a classification between journalism, activism and documentaries. The main platform - Online, Print & Online, Video, Blog and Telegram - also helps selecting interesting information.

Currently, only German-language media are offered, but some of the operators are located abroad. Hence the country selection. Internationalization is already being planned, media in other languages will follow.


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